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Import Services

Import Services

In order to complete the import transactions of the products you will bring from abroad in a complete, safe and fast way; 

It is of utmost importance that you consult the customs brokers about the products you want to bring.  We as Fmg-Makers; We serve services in terms of Customs Law, Law on Protection of the Value of Turkish Currency, Anti-Smuggling Law and Foreign commerce we arrange custom documents, take permission from relevant authority and current legislation topics. We offer these kind of detailed services;

- Preliminary work on the goods to be imported (determination of quotas, surveillance, standardization, other restrictions and preliminary permissions)

- Classifying the original certified relevant documents and delivering them to the operations department- Implementation of the appropriate regime (Inward Processing Regime, Warehouse Regime etc.)- Customs approval and inspection of goods

- Making the payments of the related guarantees and taxes by making the accruals

- Keeping the minutes in case of deficiency, damage or error and informing the relevant units

- Physical delivery of the goods to the address specified in the instruction given by the relevant company

- Quick delivery of documents to the customer with the document delivery form.