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Export and Import services in Hungary.

Export and Import services in Hungary.
  • Need of time for set up a business: 7 days
  • Inflation (annual): 3.34%
  • Gross domestic product (gdp): 163.46 Billion $
  • Growth of gdp (annual): 4.58%
  • Merchandise exports: 122.18 Billion $

Hungary is a middle power in international affairs, owing mostly to its cultural and economic influence. We as a FMG-Makers.com, any kind of load from Hungary freight safely and quickly to delivery point. We have long term of experience that export to peak freight Hungary andfrom there to Turkey import freight. By this mean we provide the bes quality of work while saving on time. According to last reports of Economic Minister by the year of June 2018 our country has 81 Hungary fund of company and 8 contact office.

The last 15 years of periods, investment of Hungary to Turkey reached approximately 29 Million Dolars. Hungary fund of companies are mostly active on trade, tourism, energy, chemical products, glass and glass products and food freight. The export from Turkey to Hungary is mostly active on auto, textile, iron and steel products.

In the year of 2018 export from Turkey to Hungary reached  1 billion 156 Million dolars. Turk investments in Hungary has reached 49 Million dolars. Turk companies areas' that are in bussiness in Hungary are textile, construction products, jewellery and food. Export items from Hungary to Turkey are cattle, corn ,rubber tire products.  2018 From Hungary to Turkey import is 1 Billion 395 Million dolars.