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Export and Import services in Turkey

Export and Import services in Turkey
  • Need of time for set up a business: 3 Days
  • Inflation (annual): 16.19%
  • Gross domestic product (gdp): 761,4 Billion $
  • Growth of gdp (annual): 0.9%
  • Merchandise exports: 169,5 Billion $

It is an export corporation that founded for to give support from small and medium size enterprise in Turkey to want to export corporations. Aim of this corporation is to consulting about not to get damaged by country's economi fluctuations and povide continuance. And also this corporation provide increase product capacity, increase the productivity and succesful export activities kind of services. Our export services begin with making detailed abroad trade research with determine the target market, abroad merchandizing, work through about demand and competition and continue to give these to the corporation as a report.  The next step is customer relations abroad.

The consultant continues to work by creating customer lists consisting of potential buyers, communicating with selected potential customers, and making presentations introducing the company. In the presentation, the firm, the firm's products, the firm's strength, the firm's offer are conveyed to potential buyers.

Agreements are made and the current export transactions are carried out and the product is sold.In all these stages, the export consultant continues to provide consultancy services to businesses on issues such as payment collection, delivery of sold products, preparation of shipping documents, and logistics operations. All businesses that want to do international trade, say that they will export in foreign markets or want to improve their existing commercial activities can benefit from our export consultancy service.