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Frequently Asked Questions

We gathered together the most asked questions from our customers.

In this rescript

- In case of opening a store, office or showroom, determine rate with rescript of fixture, decoration and rent expense

- in case of opening a storehouse determine rate of income and expense;

- determine rate of all advertising, promotion and marketing for advertising activity,

- determine rate of trademark registration expenses support by government.

Situations that carrier not responsible according to TTK law no: 1063. According to this law;

1.Dangers and accidents of the sea or other waters suitable for the operation of the ship.

2.War events, riots, the orders of the competent authority or quarantine restrictions; 

3. Distrainment of court

4. Strike, lockout or other work obstacle.

5.Negligence of shipper and load owner.

6. From saving life and property at sea or attempting to rescue;

7. The carrier is not responsible for the loss of the goods by volume or weight or for the hidden defects of the goods or for the natural type and nature of the goods.

According to the TCC, a cautious carrier is obliged to show the care and attention of a cautious carrier in loading, handling, handling and unloading the goods. The carrier is responsible for the damages arising from the loss or damage of the goods within the period from the moment of receipt to the moment of delivery; Unless the loss or damage measures are due to reasons that cannot be avoided even with the care and attention of a carrier.

It is a Union sign indicating that the products that are within the scope of the New Approach Directives in the European Union countries comply with the basic requirements of the relevant directives of the EU and pass all the necessary conformity assessment activities.

CMR, is the legal contract that transport of goods on international highway transport. CMR rules are implemented, if anything occurs on highway transport. Turkey upheld the decision of this contract year of 2nd December 1994, the law no 94/6322.

- Paid import 
- Free import
- Import by rental
- Import the floor
- Temporary import

It is the goods which bought from a company or storehouse in abroad or free zone and then sold to another country or another storehouse from our country with transit or direct.


Without prejudice to the provisions of international agreements to which Turkey is a party, goods entering the Customs Territory of Turkey subject to free circulation entry regime and goods that are deemed to be of Turkish origin in accordance with the customs law no 4458, regardless of whether the inputs used in their production are local or not.

- Advance payment

- Cash on delivery

- Documents against payments

- Letter of credit